Dokuteks Dar Dokuma San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. was founded in 1993 as a family company. Our company, which has never compromised from quality and domestic production since its foundation, has taken its place in the textile market in a short time with decades of experience in the narrow woven products sector.

By mid-2003, our company mainly meets the needs of Turkish Armed Forces such as military belts, cartridge belts, gun slings, life ropes and then, in addition to these production, it has headed for security, automotive, textile and garment industry. Following the advanced technology in the textile sector closely, it has adopted the principle of offering high quality and standards of garment manufacturing with narrow woven products from all kinds of yarns.

In addition to narrow woven products and military materials, our company, which follows the fashion closely, also offers women, men and children belts collections. We meet both domestic and abroad demands with our various product range including ribbon, grosgrain, column, rubber, safety belt, cartridge belt, heading, parachute columns, tent columns, rifle slings, suspension slings, tow columns, bag strap belts in the narrow weaving sector and backpacks, assault vests, parkas, training clothes, snow suits, sleeping bags, tracksuits, clothing, scarves, shirts, sweaters, ponchos, ballistic vests, gun cases, equipment belts, hats and berets, snowshoes, sport bags, snow cases in garment industry.

We are working with several domestic and international big companies in this sector, which we have a credible name, with an understanding of “quality domestic production”, professional staff and years of experience. Our aim is to continue to be one of the leading companies of the sector with our services, lead times, current and fashionable products by keeping customer and employee satisfaction in the forefront as in the past and in the future.